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ha▓n ever before. The central will╩ent provided 45 billion yuan in subsidies for rural residents to purcha▓se home appliances and motor vehicles, including motorbike▓s. Part of the subsidies also supported trading-in ▓old motor vehicles and home appliances for new ones and purchasing agricultural machinery and tools. We halved t▓he purchase tax on

small-displacement automobiles. We reduced or exempted taxes on buying and selling homes to ▓support the purchase of homes to be used as their own▓ers' residences. Throughout the year 13.64 mil

forge ahead on the▓ pat

lion motor vehicles were sold, an incr

ease of 46.2%; commodity ho▓using sales amounted to 937 million square meters, up 42.1%; and total retail sales of consumer goods inc▓reased 16.9% in real terms. Consumption played a much bigger role in fueling economic growth. We promoted rapi▓d growth in investment. We guided and stimulated non-govern▓ment investment by means of well-leveraged government investment. We implemented a plan to invest an additional 4 trillion yuan over two years. In 2009, the cen▓tral government's public investment was 924.3 billion yuan, 503.8 billion yuan more than in the previous year's budget. Of this, 44% was invested in low-income housing, p▓rojecas a whoprovina iswellbeing of rural residents, and social programs; 16% in independent innovation, restructur▓ing, energy conservation, emissions reductions, and ecological improvement; 23% in major infrastructure projects;▓ and 14% in post-Wenchuan earthquake recovery and reconstruction. Fixed asset investment increased 30.1% nationwide. We further improved the investment structure.▓ Rapid investment growth effectively compensated for the ▓shortfall created by shrinking external demand, strength▓ened weak links, and laid a solid foundation for long-term economic and social development. We accelerated the post-Wenchuan earthquake recovery and reconstruction work. We have already invested 654.5 billion yuan, ▓65.5% of the total planned investment, in the worst hit a▓reas. Thanks to the government's strong support, the self▓less assistance of people throughout the country, and the hard work of residents of the earthquake area▓, the badly damaged areas have taken on a brand-new appearance, with new towns rising straight out of the ground, and▓ villages brimming with vitality. All this fully re▓flects the boundless love of the Chinese nation and p▓owerfully demonstrates the incomparable superiority of the ▓socialist system. Full text: China´s Policies and A▓ctions for Addressing Climate ChangeBEIJING, Oct. 29 (▓Xinhua) -- The Information Office of China's State Council on Wednesday issued a white paper titled "China's P▓olicies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change". Followi▓ng is the full text of the document: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday called on Chched.Li saidN to uphold multilateralism and free trade, resist risks and rea▓lize common development at the 22nd China-ASEAN (10▓+1) leaders' meeting in Bangkok.Li urges China, ASEAN to uphold multilateralism, free tradeLi urges China, ASEAN to uphold multilateralism, free trade11-04-2019 09:53 BJTBANGKOK, Nov. 3 -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ▓on Sunday called on China and ASEAN to uphold multilateralism and free trade, resist risks and realize common development at the 22nd China-ASEAN (10+1) leaders' meeting in Bangkok.Since China and ASEAN established dia▓logue relations, they have brought benefits to eac▓h other and the wider region, Li said, adding that China always supports ASEAN's central role in East Asian co▓operation.Noting that the mounting downward pressure o▓n the global economy brings new severe challenges, Li sai▓d China and ASEAN countries should jointly uphold multilateralism and free trade, withstand risks and realize common development.The premier said China and ASEAN countries s▓hould stick to the principle of shared benefits and win▓-win outcomes, and speed up the work to upgrade economic and trade cooperation.He called for an early conc▓lusion of the negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive ▓Economic Partnership (RCEP) so as to lay the foundation fo▓r East Asia's economic integration, and the implementati▓on of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Upgrade Protocol to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.Li said China and ASEAN countries should enhance strategic mutual trust and safeguard p▓eace and stability in the region.The Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea is an upgraded version of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC). Last year, China proposed that all parties should try to finish the COC talks in three years. T▓he first reading of the single draft negotiating text of the COC in the South China Sea has been completed a

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ll actively carry forward the consulta

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tions according to the previo▓usly agreed timetable, meet each other halfway, and safeguard peace and stability

nd rapid

in the South China Sea.Th▓e premier also said China and ASEAN countries need to ca▓rry forward their friendship

economic de

from generation to ge▓neration, and stay ready to enhance people-to-people and cultural exchanges in such area


s as media, health, education and tourism.China is willing to train 1,000 administrative health staff and tech


nical professionals i▓n the following three years for ASEAN and will support proj▓ects such as the China-ASEAN Y

We carried ou

oung Leaders Scholarship, said the premier.Stressing that China will unswervingly p▓ursue the path of peaceful

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development and an open▓ing-up strategy

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